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ANBI – recognition

From August 01, 2014 Wingwalkers Foundation has become an ANBI organization assigned by Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.

To become an ANBI recognized organization you have to dedicate 90% of your effort to common cause at least.

Tax advantage due to donation to an ANBI related organization

From January 1, 2012 contributors have a tax advantage after donation. Individuals can deduct the amount they donated when they fill out their tax on income form. Company taxation categorized firms can deduct the amount they donate.

ANBI notification

Name   : Wingwalkers Foundation

KvK nr   : 611 92 732        (KvK = Chamber of Commerce)

Board members:

  • Mr. F. Meijer (Chairman)
  • Mr. D. van Ieperen (secretary)
  • Mr. G. Poorten (treasurer)
  • Mrs. N.B.Meijer (general board member)

Objective Wingwalkers Foundation:

Wingwalkers Foundation supports Roparun Foundation palliative care and Roparun Events by collecting donations via numerous activities such as (running) relay races and other activities which fit in an ANBI recognized organization and supports common cause.